Making a big difference to small animals.
Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue

Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue


Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue is located in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. We take in any unwanted, neglected, abused, ill, pregnant or found guinea pigs and find them loving forever homes. Small Paws also aims to increase awareness about proper guinea pig care and improve the quality of life for guinea pigs around Australia. The current view of guinea pigs as "disposable children's pets" is a big problem, and many people are not aware of the commitment that these animals require. We aim to change that. We do not support breeders or pet stores, as there are enough guinea pigs out there that need to find new homes without these establishments pumping out new ones. Instead, please consider adopting one of our sweet pre-loved piggies.

Our Mission

  • To provide sanctuary for unwanted, neglected, abused, pregnant and found guinea pigs.
  • To rehome guinea pigs to suitable, loving, forever homes.
  • To change the perception of the Australian public towards guinea pigs as being 'disposable' pets and to educate the community about the proper care of guinea pigs.