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Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue

Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue


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How to Adopt

Download and read the Adoption Agreement Form (below). This will give you an idea of the conditions of adopting any guinea pigs from Small Paws. We also have an Adoption Information Booklet on our Forms & Downloads page that covers the subject in detail.

If you agree with the adoption conditions, click the button below and fill out the Enquiry Form. The form will be emailed to us and we will contact you to discuss your suitability to adopt within 48 hours.

Piggie Dating Service

Do you have a guinea pig that is lonely? Maybe he has lost his friend, or maybe you didn't know that guinea pigs need to have companionship (in which case it is not your fault, it is the fault of the person who sold it to you!). Our Piggie Dating Service is the answer. We help match your lone guinea pig with a suitable rescue guinea pig friend!


Call or email us to find out more, or to book an appointment!