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Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue

Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue


We understand that giving up a pet can be a difficult decision to make, but often situations change and decisions must be made to ensure your guinea pig receives a good quality of life. Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue will accept any unwanted, ill or found guinea pigs that members of the public may wish to surrender. We also encourage members of the public to report any mistreatment or neglect cases to us so we can do our best to ensure that the guinea pigs are removed from that situation.

Unfortunately our ability to take in guinea pigs depends on the amount of room and foster carers we have at our disposal at any given time. As Small Paws is a small privetly-run rescue, we cannot ensure that we will be able to accommodate your guinea pig(s) if you wish to surrender them, but we will always try our best to accept them if it means a better quality of life for the animal. If we cannot accomadate your guinea pig(s) at any given time we are happy to help get the word out to try and find them a good home. 

We do not euthanise any of the guinea pigs that come into our care (unless they have severe injuries or illnesses that will significantly decrease the quality of life or survival of that animal). When surrendering to Small Paws you can be guarenteed that your guinea pig will be well cared for, and all potential adoptive owners will be thoroughly screened to make sure that the same level of care will continue for the rest of the guinea pig's life. We do not charge a surrendering fee, but we do encourage you to make a donation to help us continue the work that we do. We also appreciate donations of enclosures and any other of your guinea pig's belongings which can be utilised for other guinea pigs at the rescue.

If you wish to surrender a guinea pig over to our care, send an email to [email protected]

We are usually happy to pick up any guinea pigs located south of the river, but we ask those who live north to drop the guinea pig(s) to the rescue (located near Armadale).  You will be required to fill out a surrender form (which can be downloaded from the Forms & Downloads page) and give it to us at the exchange of the guinea pig(s).