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Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue

Small Paws Guinea Pig Rescue


Why Adopt?

Why adopt indeed? After all, one can just hop into the car and drive down to the local petstore and buy a guinea pig! Well, before you rush ahead and do that, you may want to consider reading the following to see why adopting a guinea pig from Small Paws is the better option.

  • Every year, hundreds of guinea pigs are purchased from pet stores, only to be disgarded a few months/years later due to people losing interest. Why keep supporting overbreeding, backyard breeders, and the sale of guinea pigs in petstores, when you can adopt one and give it a second chance at life? 

  • All of our guinea pigs undergo a thorough health check and mite treatment so you can be guarenteed that your new friend is 100% healthy. Not all petstores can guarentee that. 

  • We offer free ongoing support for all of our adopters. 

  • We have a policy whereby if you cannot continue caring for your guinea pigs any longer, then we will take the guinea pigs back into our care and find them a new loving home.

  • You can be assured that your new guinea pigs are correctly sexed (no accidental litters!) and are already assigned in well-matched pairs (bar the odd single guinea pig).

  • You will be helping reduce the number of homeless guinea pigs in Perth, and be opening a space for new guinea pigs to be rescued.

  • Your adoption fee will go directly back into helping other less fortunate guinea pigs!